What our patients are saying about us!

I was having some problems with grinding my teeth and when the girls at SAIA SMILE CENTER told me that I could fix not only the problem with grinding my teeth but several other problems with Invisalign, I took the opportunity. And 6 months later I am extremely pleased with the results, I got with INVISALIGN!  

Dustin Ashmore

I like the playroom and Missy, she is fun!! Jaedon, Age 5

Our kids actually look forward to their dental appointments and the entire staff is super friendly!! Jordan & Randi

Parents of Ivan, Ava and Lydia

I always have fun when I come see Dr. Pile!! Kenly, Age 6

The Saia Smile Center Staff is very friendly and has a great relationship with the kids, to create a great and relaxing atmosphere!! Paul

Parent of Ab and Ruth

My hygiene routine is brush, floss and fluoride! Aiden, Age 7

The wonderful staff made for a great 1st experience at the dentist. Curt and Jill

Parents of Lexi and Kaitlyn

The staff is very caring and professional. We appreciate their kindness in serving Andrew and myself. Andrew loves coming to the Dentist and that says alot for a three year old. We thank the staff for everything!! Kacey Preston

Invisalign has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I had a gap between my front teeth and it closed perfectly with Invisalign…IN LESS THAN 1 YEAR!! I just wish I would have done Invisalign alot sooner!!

Matt Anderson

Dr. Jill makes sure my teeth are strong, shiny and cavity free!! Caleb, Age 6

Everyone has a great attitude and made my daughter’s first visit wonderful! Philip

Parent of Claire

The entire staff is amazing!! I first went in for a cleaning and cavity and after being seen by Rianne and Dr. Pile, they had some advice for a few other issues I was having. Things I had been putting off because I just hadn’t found a dentist/dental staff that I felt comfortable working with. They introduced me to Invisalign and other dental options that were perfect for me. The entire staff has been encouraging and supportative through my entire process. Including Missy and Mandy helping me out, in an emergancy, on their day off…a holiday too!! I cannot say enough good things about this place!! Wendi O'Rand

Saia Smile Center is a GREAT place to bring kids!! Shawn

Parent of Seth and Maddie

Rianne ROCKS… I love my teeth!! Autumn, Age 10

Saia Smile Center is great!! Very thorough and caring staff!! Jill Vanwey

My brothers and I love Dr. Pile and her staff!!

Joel, Age 4

In May 2009, I came for a Professional Hygiene Cleaning and during my check discovered that my wisdom teeth were causing my teeth to crowd. That is when my hygienist Rianne, introduced me to INVISALIGN and within a week, i had my wisdom teeth pulled and had impressions taken. Before this I would smile but n…ever wanted to show my teeth. I wasnt proud of my smile, resulting in people thinking I was an unhappy person. NOT ANYMORE, I show my teeth every chance I get, I even received a PROMOTION at work! I cant or dont want to imagine where I would be without using INVISALIGN. It is one of the best decisions I have made and it has changed my outlook on life…

Jared Pond

I love the friendly faces and service I receive at Saia Smile Center!! Jaime Vanderbeck

The staff at Saia Smile Center is FUNNY and FUN!! Ella, Age 7

My children enjoy going to the dentist. Thank you Missy, for being so great with my children, as I cannot tell you how much it means to me as a parent to have them enjoy going to see the staff at Saia Smile Center. The overall friendliness and compassion that each patient receives, is remarkable. Lisa

Parent of Addison and Nick

I love coming to the dentist. They are all great with me! Jaylynn, Age 10

Everyone is so great with the kids. They love coming to Saia Smile Center! Angela

Parent of Alyvia and Dylan

I always wanted braces as a little girl but could not afford it. Now, as an adult, this was a good alternative to braces because no one knew that I had INVISALIGN. Not only did it help me cosmetically, it improved my bite, the clicking and popping of my jaw and my hygiene, in general. Its easier to brush and floss now that my teeth are straight!! The aligners are very comfortable to wear!! Dr. Jill and her staff were awesome to work with… INVISALIGN was great for me and i’d highly recommend it to anyone!! Debby Birk